National Hockey League Considering New Documentary

Bruce HeenI recently read a report on Pro Hockey Talk that talked about the potential for an NHL documentary series on the upcoming outdoor games as well as the 2014 Winter Olympics.  The documentary will be in eight parts and would likely be televised on NBCSN, CBC and Sportsnet. The series will play out similarly to HBO’s highly acclaimed 24/7 episodes where the network follows the journey of a single team up to the annual winter classic. HBO has garnered so much attention in the hockey world with 24/7 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a similar reaction if the NHL puts together a series of their own.

The 24/7 series has been and continues to be a huge highlight to the NHL season, especially if your favorite team is the one being followed. It seems every season is bigger and better than the last in the NHL. The league continues to try and obtain more fans and popularity as they role out new events and documentaries. After a lockout season it also is a way of giving back and saying thanks. After all, the fans are what keep the sport progressing forward each year, without them there wouldn’t be a league. As television rating increase and the league becomes more profitable, they are able to roll out such events and documentaries to help increase interest.

If the documentary does in fact happen it will be a great step in a turn around season that was rocked  by a long and unworthy lockout. Sometimes sports become too focused on the business side and they need to have a balance in place. Hopefully the league can continue to have a great balance because last season it seemed a bit in flux causing hockey fans to suffer and miss out on half of a season.