Madison Square Garden Faces Interesting Dilemma

Bruce HeenI recently read an article on ESPN┬áthat talked about Madison Square Garden having its lease limited to ten years. It turns out that the arena is being asked to relocate because the New York City Council would like for Penn Station, which sits right beneath the arena, to be renovated. Many people believe Penn Station is old and outdated and wonder why such an iconic hub could be left so undesirable. Madison Square Garden conveniently sits right on top of the massive commuter hub. The location couldn’t be any better as major railroad lines all meet at Penn Station. What is so unfortunate for the venue is the fact that it will no longer remain the iconic venue that it is today if it were to move. The council made it very clear, “now is time to get to work and build the Penn Station that New York City and the region desperately need in order to improve transit access and spur economic growth in the city and throughout the region.”

Some of the most amazing boxing matches, sporting events and concerts have taken place under the roof and it just wouldn’t have the same appeal as it once did. It is also unfortunate that the arena has been renovated the past three summers giving it a total makeover from what it was for so many years. The owner, James Dolan, put more than $1 billion dollars into the arena and it might be moved in 10 years. It is also including two bridges that span the top of the arena that fans can walk across and see the action below as well.

It will be interesting to see how this develops as the date nears. James Dolan will likely appeal the decision – I can’t imagine he is very happy nor do I think he will go down with out putting up a valiant fight.